Friday, 19 October 2012

What does Nick Griffin have in common with Paris Hilton and sharia law?

Congratulations, Nick Griffin. With just two mindless tweets you have managed to align yourself with not only a bigoted bed-and-breakfast owner but also noted airhead, Paris Hilton and sharia law.

Griffin, leader of the far-right British National Party and a Member of the European Parliament, yesterday tweeted the address of the gay couple, Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59, after they won £3,600 in damages after Christian bed-and-breakfast owner Susanne Wilkinson told them they could not stay in one of her double rooms because of her religious beliefs. The couple will be donating the damages money to charity.

In response to this sane ruling, Griffin felt the need to tweet the following from his now-suspended Twitter account:

"A British Justice team will come up to [the couple's address which I am not going to share because I am not a colossal twat] and give you a... bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple's home is their castle. So No to heterophobia!"

Wow. So not only did Griffin reveal the address of two private citizens, he did so with the purpose of making a threat. Yes, he reckons a "British Justice team" (complete with capes and underpants over tights, I hope...) will come over and give Black and Morgan "a bit of drama". As pathetic as his BNP lynch mob sounds, it is still a threat as well as an invasion of privacy. And then he claimed that this whole sorry affair was a case of "heterophobia." So he truly believes the rights of oppressed, hard-done-by heterosexuals across Britain are going to be threatened if gay couples are allowed to stay in B&Bs.

It all comes down to Paris Hilton's narrow notion of homosexuality. She was secretly recorded in a taxi last month saying that "gay guys are the horniest guys in the world" and described them as "disgusting". She later claimed, via her publicist, she was expressing concern over unprotected sex in the gay community but with compassion like that, all she managed to do was fuel a stereotype. Such comments reduce the lives of all gay men to sexual acts and rampant promiscuity, and ignores the fact that plenty of gay men and women are in stable relationships or are celibate. Indeed, Black and Morgan have been together for nine years.

Susanne Wilkinson needs to be reminded that homosexuality is no longer illegal here in Britain. If Black and Morgan were dealing drugs in their room, committing murder or making child pornography in there, then yes, she'd be well within her rights to kick them out and call the police. But as far as we know, the couple just wanted a bed for the night. Hell, they might not have even planned to have sex under her precious roof. Nine years is a long time to keep up that early relationship level of shaggery.

Given her conservative Christian beliefs, does she also ban unmarried heterosexual couples from staying in her B&B? Or adulterous couples? What if she found out that a heterosexual married couple partook in anal sex in her premises? Or if two heterosexual couples stayed in two rooms, turned out to be swingers and did a midnight wife swap? None of what actually goes on in her rooms is any of her business as long as it's consensual and legal.

"But it's her house so it's her rules!" I hear the voices yell from the peanut gallery. Except that she has voluntarily started a business in her house. A business, like a hotel, whereby couples of all persuasions may see your property advertised and fancy a nice weekend away. If the judge ruled in her favour, it'd set an idiotic precedent for anyone running a business from home. What if a Christian accountant who worked from home decided he or she didn't want gay people as clients? Could a Christian architect refuse to design a house for a gay couple if he or she worked from a home office?

In a civilised, progressive, fair capitalist society, people have the right to run a business but they don't have the right to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality. How exactly are the rights of business owners being infringed upon if their have to offer their services to and make money from people they disapprove of? They're not. They can continue to hold whatever views they like, they are free to express those views, they can worship at churches where other people might hold those views, they can continue to maintain heterosexual relationships - and they can still make money.

And what is hilarious is that Griffin has effectively echoed the views of strict proponents of sharia law. By being perfectly OK with a gay couple not being allowed to share a room, he is encouraging the very society Islamophobes like him are terrified will come to Britain. It is, quite simply, an own goal from a proven buffoon.  

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  1. Ultimately everyone must live under the rule of law - that is secular law, which takes precedence over religious, or indeed any other 'law'.
    As for this 'Christian' woman, doesn't she know that her God is a God of Love, and as we all know, Love is Love - it does not, indeed cannot, discriminate. The true God (Love) of the bible would have no problem whatsoever with a Gay couple sharing a bed under his roof. Remember, Love (God) has no boundaries.

  2. A difficult question, and I have to wonder whether the couple were just booking a place to stay, or were deliberately choosing a place advertised and known for their Christian beliefs as stalking horses.

    I can't refuse to do work for people becasue they are gay, or indeed becasue they are heterosexual, or becasue they are black, or of a particular faith. I can however refuse to do work for people becasue I am a pacifist. Sorry, I think PC has gone way too far.

    And a landlady can refuse you admission if as a heterosexual couple arriving at her door she thinks you are unmarried and it is against her moral belief system.

    As for the odious Mr Griffin, well his followers and acolytes don't think any more of him than I do, as will be seen here:


  3. As far as we're aware, the couple in question were not looking to target a Christian B&B.

    And I salute you for refusing to do work on the grounds of pacifism - that is perfectly reasonable. I remember talking to a rather awful PR person in Dubai who was up in arms (if you'll pardon the appalling pun...) when a colleague refused to assist with the publicity for Abu Dhabi's annual arms fair. She was rather put out when I told her that it was great that she stood up for her principles. If that was my PR company, I wouldn't have even taken on the client in the first place, but we all have our scale of morality!

  4. The Christian Institute is a extreme fundamentalist organisation with a strongly rightwing agenda, and a very strong opposition to gay rights. They have links with the US religious right.

    They're a nasty homophobic group who do not represent the majority of Christians any more than the odious Nick Griffin represent white people. If this repellent being is trying to jump on their bandwagon, it says a lot about the nature of their bandwagon.