Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Brad Pitt and the high school drama club of the damned


We've all seen this now, haven't we? The most baffling perfume ad ever. This is even more confusing than that old J'Adore commercial where that blonde model walks through what looks like a pool of thick wee and sneers "J'Adore" at the camera while pulling that face one pulls when someone has farted on the train.

This time, it's Brad Pitt in his newfound role as Chanel No. 5 shill. So many unanswered questions. Why is he flogging a woman's perfume? How the hell did he reel off such a load of unrelenting tripe without once saying: "Oh, for fuck's sake, who wrote this? A rejected scriptwriter from Dawson's Creek?"? What does any of the nonsense about life being a journey have to do with the perfume Marilyn Monroe wore to bed without feeling the need to say anything this pretentious? What is inevitable? Why does he appear to be sporting one of Tori Spelling's old haircuts?

I have madly Googled to try and find out if his multi-million dollar fee has gone to one of his worthy causes. I hope so. Otherwise precisely no good has come from this shower of shit and we are all doomed.


  1. You don't think he could possibly be doing it for the money do you? No, unthinkable....


  2. Because if he didn't do this commercial, clearly his kids were in danger of going without shoes this winter...