Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A quickie from Amsterdam...

I am in Amsterdam to catch up with friends, most notably a very dear friend and her new baby. But last night's activities were decidedly un-kid-friendly, as my friend Justin and I wandered the red light district and stumbled upon the Erotic Museum. Although when I say "stumbled", it was more a case of spotting a big, red neon sign, bursting out laughing after a few Bokbiers and striding right in.

Anyone who thinks that the sexualisation of society is something new created by the "liberal mainstream media" or MTV or Rihanna or Madonna or by the "gay agenda" needs to visit this place and get some perspective. Sex is not something new and neither are its consequences or its explicit depictions.

Walking by the prostitutes in windows is an odd experience - there are women who I am sure have been trafficked and there are women who are clearly enjoying their work. Keeping it all right there where you can see it is, however, a good thing. As the scent of marijuana wafted through the night air and some of the most stunning women I've ever seen touted for business in full view of the street, it pays to remember that this is a country with extremely low rates of teen pregnancy and abortion. If ever anyone needed proof that keeping sex a secret is a stupid idea, I highly recommend visiting Amsterdam. But, sadly, the people who need to understand this message probably aren't interested in taking the trip.


  1. Amsterdam, ironically, has lower rates of marijuana usage, and other harder drugs, than most cities in the uk! It also has lower rates of HIV infection, because they have clean needles freely available to drug users. Food for thought indeed... And what does the right-wing bible bashing conservative American contingent think of Amsterdam? Pls see below...


    God I hate Fox news....

    1. Well Lord Longford did! Unfortunately, his hair was already standing up on end so he was only able to manage a rather stunned expression.

    2. I don't recall the Erotic Museum from my trip to Amsterdam back in '78. I do remember window shopping the red light district, though. I also remember the ready availability and cheapness of the various types of Hashish.